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This is the Strategy only for Intraday Lovers. It is the perfect blend of:

  • Statistical Trend
  • Range Contraction
  • Momentum Expansion

So, it gives u the utmost advantage to consistently sustain the profitability levels without worrying about the overnight changes in the global markets that might effect ur trade and sometimes drastically. Hence, providing u with the cushion to give quality time to ur family & the most satisfying time sleep at night.
Strategy uses Top Down approach while sector selection keeping strict 6S principle for cementing the desired levels for trade.
F1P- Feed 1 poor an Emotional Initiative (Traders bit to our society)

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Reversals provide one of the most profitable trading opportunities. If timing is right, then Risk to Reward ratio can bring smile on the faces of 'The most prolific(emotionless) traders' but not every reversal is tradeable. So, we have refined them for you.
Reversals in Trend can b traded not only for Intraday, but, if the markets are supporting, they can turn into the most rewarding trading decisions.

Our strategy check for the market direction and only select In-Trend Reversals which hv potential of producing short term bursts in the same direction with very low risk yet, yielding high returns. Such is the beauty of this strategy that not only intraday trades are possible at a very high accuracy, but the same accuracy remains intact even if someone decides to hold(or partially hold) on for a few days. Strategy for Everyone.

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Trend is ur Friend. Many times you hv heard this from various sources, but, nobody tells you the real advantage of an ongoing Trend. Does that mean that you cn trade blindly. Goshhh!!! Well, if you are fortunate enough then it might work for u, for a short period of time. In longer term sustainability of such practices is like digging ur own graveyard!!!
Key to success not only lies in identifying trend, but to correctly interpret it, waiting for the right opportunities and taking its advantage to the fullest.

Our strategy works the same way...

  • Identifying a Strong Trend
  • Waiting for a Pullback
  • Let the Trend Reverse
  • Confirmation
  • Appropriate Targets
  • Precise StopLoss
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